Saturday, August 15, 2009

West Coast Trip

The wife, kids and I headed up to Oregon via Yosmite and I got a chance to have some great beer. The bar at Curry Village in Yosemite serves up Mammoth Pilsner (good) and their Epic IPA (great).

I also got to taste the Deschutes Red Chair IPA at the Suttle Lake resort's restaurant. It was also amazing, and only $4.00/pint on tap there! After paying $9.00 for a 21 oz glass at Yosemite it seemed like a screaming deal.

I enjoyed the Mammoth IPA so much I decided to brew an IPA as one of my next brews. It tasted a bit like the Green Flash IPA that I found a recipe for here:

Green Flash Co.: West Coast IPA

6 Gal. batch
OG: 1.069
FG: 1.013-1.014
SRM: 8.8
IBU: ~93

14# American Two Row
1.31# British Carastan 30-37
1.31# CaraPils

0.5oz Simcoe @ 90min
0.5oz Columbus @ 90 min (optional)
0.25oz Simcoe @ 60min
0.25oz Columbus @ 60min
0.25oz Simcoe @ 30min
0.25oz Columbus @ 30min
0.75oz Simcoe @ 15min
0.75oz Columbus @ 15min
1oz Cascade @ 10min
0.5oz Simcoe @ Flameout
0.5oz Columbus @ Flameout

0.5oz of each: Amarillo, Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial, Cascade for Dry Hop

Mash Temp: 152F, Boil Time 90min

Yeast : WY1056 or WLP001
Ferment Temp: 68F -> 72F