Saturday, October 24, 2009

Recent Brew Results

West Coast IPA - Still Fermenting 4 weeks later. Gravity is down to 1.016 so it should be ready next week. Tastes promising, it is still quite cloudy but it is hard to tell if that is the yeast or other issues. I plan to crash cool this beer once it is fully fermented.

American Lager - Tasted pretty good, I made another lager after that with all barley that tasted good as well, but it was a bit sweet. The mash for that lager was a step mash and I mashed out at 165. I think for my next lager I will be more careful on the mash temperatures and not let them get above 152, and let the mash go a bit longer.

Disaster Porter 2 - Was good, it went quick. I may back off the hops a bit more next time.

Hoppy Amber Ale - Was great, I would like to have this on tap 12 months a year if I had the space.

Extra Stout - Amazing flavor. The oak really helped. I used too much agave in this beer, it could stand to have a bit more body considering the alcohol levels. I have kept several bottles of this beer to ages since I think the alcohol bite will mellow with time.