Monday, March 17, 2008

Tasting: Harpoon Dark

Another beer from the beer-of-the-month club. A tasty dark beer that is easy to drink.

Tasting: Chilled to ~55 degrees (f) from a pint glass.

Appearance: 3/3 deep mahogany with tan head.
Head: 2/3 medium head, light tan in color.
Aroma: 3/3 light aroma of malt and hops.
Flavor: 3/3 mild flavor of malt and subtle hops.
Mouth feel: 3/3 Smooth medium-light body with medium carbonation and light sweetness.
Overall: 3/3 A good beer, dark but not heavy.
Buzz: 2/3 Mild buzz after 1 glass.

1 comment:

Andrew Campbell said...

Eric: I'd agree with you that the Harpoon Munich-style Dark was the highlight of this month's BOTM selection. It definitely warmed up nicely and had a little more character than the Casco Bay Winter.