Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brewery: Cool Box/Hot Box - Update

Temperatures the last two days have exceeded 90 degrees, and the temperatures in my garage, where my beer ferments, have exceeded 85. At night the temperature has been cooling down to the high 60's, but only for a couple hours.

Inside the cool box though, the temperature has only gotten to 73 degrees! The cool floor and the inch of insulation have been doing their part to keep the beer at optimum temperature. It is expected to be cooler tomorrow so this mini heat-wave has passed. During the month of August, when the hot days start to stack up 5-10 days in a row I doubt the temperature will be so cool, but by then I may have a freezer and a temp-controller to keep things cool since I want to start brewing lagers.

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Andrew Campbell said...

Got nothing to tell you about cool-boxes, but I will reassure you that you've hardly missed anything with regard to the BOTM Club for the last three months.

Did just get a shipment and it has some Smuttynose and Boulder Beer beers in it. I've had some of both before -- and am looking forward to tasting the others.

So, you got out at a good time, and maybe I'll be able to post some tasting notes on the Regal Vizsla soon.

Hope brewing is going well.