Monday, February 25, 2008

Brewery Equipment: Wort Ciller

My brew-partner Brad was not able to join me this last weekend on the Disaster Porter, and I forgot to ask him for his Wort Chiller, so I decided to make my own. Later when we start doing 10 gallon batches, it will be useful to have 2 chillers, one we can put in a bucket of ice, the other in the wort.

I purchased all the components for around $60 at Lowes/Home depot and soldered it up with silver solder. I then cleaned all the flux residue off with a bleach solution (which didn't work) and gasoline (which did work). It sticks well off to the side of the brew keg, and well out of it too.

It didn't leak, and I love that it has a ball-valve on it to control the rate of flow without walking back to the spigot. It took 9 minutes to drop the wort from boiling to 100 degrees (f), then another 6 minutes or so to drop to 80 (f).


Goose said...

I'm very happy to read you got the flux residue off that thing. That could have gotten ugly... :)

Eric said...

Yeah, if I hadn't had that excellent USMC training on soldering, I might not have been as diligent in removing the flux prior using it! The design of the chiller doesn't put the soldered portions in direct contact with the Wort and I use a flux designed for plumbing, so it may be ok if it did, but it is better to be safe than sick.