Friday, February 1, 2008

Tasting: Anchor Liberty Ale

PortBrewing Carlsbad has a few coolers in their brewery with around 400 different bottled beers available for purchase. One beer I had been looking for that they have was Anchor Pale Ale. It is referenced a few times in Ray Daniels book: Designing Great Beers as a prototype for American or California Ales so I wanted to give it a try.

Tasting: Chilled to ~55 degrees (f) from a pint glass.

Appearance: 2/3 Nice orange color somewhat hazy .
Head: 3/3 Thick, thick light head that foams up quick and lasts, nice lace down the glass.
Aroma: 3/3 Nice hop aroma with some esters from the yeast.
Flavor: 3/3 Great blend of hops and malty sweetness.
Mouth feel: 3/3 Medium carbonation, medium body, hoppy finish.
Overall: 3/3 Great ale, subtle and balanced.
Buzz:2/3 Nice buzz after a 12oz bottle.

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