Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our First Brew

Brad and I got all our stuff together a few weeks ago and did our first brew. We didn't take detailed notes, but here is the recipe:

5 Gallon yield, malt extract recipe
7.4 lbs Light Malt (from Hydrobrew)
8 oz. Caramel Malt 60L, milled (for steeping)
1 oz. Cascade hop pellets for bittering (AA=6-7%)
1 oz. Cascade hop pellets for flavor and aroma
California Ale Yeast (White Labs # WLP001)

We did not rack to a secondary fermenter, and it took 3.5 weeks to complete fermenting since the temperature was below the 68-72degree(F) range recommended for the yeast, we did not boil the bottle-conditioning sugar.

Bottle Conditioning took 4 weeks, we sampled at 10 days and it was good, but not finished. At 4 weeks, it was very good, and everyone I shared it with enjoyed it with one exception (I am not sure what he thought, and I think he drinks lagers exclusively).

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