Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tasting:Ballast Point Yellowtail Pale Ale

When I first tasted this ale, I was confused. It did not taste much like an ale, more like a lager. After reading the blurb on the label, I see that it was "styled after the crisp golden Kolsch ales of Cologne, Germany"

Tasting: Chilled to ~55 degrees (f) from a pint glass (I should have chilled this to ~50), but I doubt it would make much of a difference.

Appearance: 3/3 very clear yellow.
Head: 2/3 light head that thins quickly.
Aroma: 2/3 Strong Malt aroma, some reviews I read after doing my tasting say grassy
Flavor: 1/3 Strong malt flavor.
Mouth feel: 2/3 High carbonation, light body, malty finish.
Overall: 2/3 This is a case of a mislabeled beer. It is pale, and it is an ale, but it is a Kolsch ale, which is completely different from an American Pale ale or a British Ale. I also don't think it matches up to the style guide very well. I may have to try another Kolsch beer to see if I just don't like the style.
Buzz: 2/3 Faint buzz after 1 glass.

I am coming to understand that I really prefer Ales to Lagers. With the exception of the Oktoberfest beer, I have enjoyed the Ales much more. I think this is because I prefer Hop and Yeast flavors to malt flavors.

I will read the entire label before drinking in the future, and try to find the ideal serving temperature and hit it more closely.

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