Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tasting: Prime Max (by Hite)

I picked this up in a Korean grocery store in Orange County. It is brewed by Hite and imported from Korea. The label caught my eye with "all malt and fine cascade hops"

Tasting: Chilled to 40~50 degrees (f) from a pint glass (I should have chilled it more).

Appearance: 3/3 crystal clear light lager color.
Head: 2/3 Small head disappears quickly.
Aroma: 2/3 Very light malt, no discernible hops.
Flavor: 3/3 Very balanced lager, great taste.
Mouth feel: 3/3 medium bodied, light fizz, slight malt lingers.
Overall: 2/3 a good lager for the price ($1.99/22oz), a great session beer.
Buzz: 1/3 slight buzz after 2 glasses.

I was really impressed by this beer. It delivered on the label although I expected a bit more hops in the aroma, it was a solid beer.

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